MAP 20 Adoption

MAP 20

(Mutual Aid Pumper- Engine 20)


       In 2012 the Town of Hamburg Fire Chief’s Association approved a new initiative aimed at supplementing manpower during periods where levels are known to be less than optimal.
      The Mutual Aid Pumper 20 Program was proposed to the chiefs by the Fire Service Enhancement Committee in 2011. A 6 month trial period was granted allowing the committee to implement, review and makes any necessary changes to the program. The program was approved for permanency in 2012.
      The concept is simple - answer the communities’ emergencies with a qualified volunteer crew in a timely fashion. 
      During periods of known manpower deficiencies, an engine crew is assembled with members from 8 fire companies. They are charged with responding to all fire calls within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Armor, Big Tree, Blasdell, LakeShore, LakeView, North Boston, Scranton and Woodlawn Fire Companies. If any of the crew possesses an EMS certification, the engine will also respond to EMS calls.
       To date the program has conducted 32 standbys, answered 132 calls for service, conducted 45 hours of training and immeasurable hours of camaraderie and friendship.
Article by P Wilson (Chairman, Fire Service Enhancement Com)

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