Water rescue Tioga Co.
Hamburg Water Rescue Unit members respond with ALERT
Region 1 Agencies activated for response to Tioga County


In the early morning hours of Thursday, September 7, 2011, ALERT Region 1 swift water rescue teams were activated to respond to TiogaCounty for massive flooding.
ALERT Coordinators Jim Miller (ALERT 9) and Ron Klimowicz (ALERT 9-1) began notifying region 1 swift water rescue teams and county officials for immediate response to the call for help, as hundreds of towns were inundated with massive flooding.
While in route to the Tioga County EOC, ALERT team members were diverted to respond directly to calls in the Towns of Waverly, Nichols and TiogaCenter. The response to these calls for help went on for over 72 hours and through out the night time hours as dozens of rescues were conducted, sometimes with Air support, never reaching their original destination of the Tioga County EOC. Alert units were then staged at the Nichols Fire Department where multiple additional deployments for rescue took place over the next few days.
ALERT Region 1 members responding were from Alden, Alexander and Sheldon Fire Companies as well as Alert Coordinators from The Hamburg Water Rescue Unit and Alden Swift Water Rescue Team.
Pictures by Ron Klimowicz and Dennis Wellspeak

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