Sea Plane in Distress
Saturday June 11, 2011 at 1551 hours:
Hamburg Marine Units assist seaplane in distress
Pictures by Ben Atkins (Erie County Firewire)
The Hamburg Water Rescue Members and Big Tree Firefighters are dispatched to a report a seaplane is distress about 100 yards off the HamburgTownPark. Upon arriving on location, Marine 9 was updated by assisting boaters that the plane was doing multiple touch and go landings on the water when it appeared the plane had stalled. Unable to get the engine restarted, the seaplane was drifting towards the rocky shores just North East of the HamburgTownPark.
          Wave runner operators initially assisted in keeping the plane from drifting into the rocks on shore by towing the plane to deeper water as marine units from the Hamburg Water Rescue Unit,  US Coast Guard and Town of Hamburg Fire Coordinator (D-2) John Carlin merged on scene to render additional assistance.
          Hamburg Marine 1 arrived on location and again towed the plane to deeper waters and assessed the situation. It was determined that the plane could not restart due to a dead battery. Marine one gave “jump start” to the seaplane and followed the plane further out from shore to prepare for take off.
          The seaplane lifted off with no further problems and all marine units called back in service at1625 hours.

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