National Incident Management Sysytem

( NIMS ) 

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) Forms Booklet, FEMA 502-2, is designed to assist emergency response personnel in the use of ICS and corresponding documentation during incident operations. This booklet is a companion document to the NIMS ICS Field Operations Guide (FOG), FEMA 502-1, which provides general guidance to emergency responders on implementing ICS. This booklet is meant to complement existing incident management programs and does not replace relevant emergency operations plans, laws, and ordinances.
These forms are designed for use within the Incident Command System, and are not targeted for use in Area Command or in multiagency coordination systems. These forms are intended for use as tools for the creation of Incident Action Plans (IAPs), for other incident management activities, and for support and documentation of ICS activities. Personnel using the forms should have a basic understanding of NIMS, including ICS, through training and/or experience to ensure they can effectively use and understand these forms. These ICS Forms represent an all-hazards approach and update to previously used ICS Forms. While the layout and specific blocks may have been updated, the functionality of the forms remains the same. It is recommended that all users familiarize themselves with the updated forms and instructions.
A general description of each ICS Form’s purpose, suggested preparation, and distribution are included immediately after the form, including block-by-block completion instructions to ensure maximum clarity on specifics, or for those personnel who may be unfamiliar with the forms.
The ICS organizational charts contained in these forms are examples of how an ICS organization is typically developed for incident response. However, the flexibility and scalability of ICS allow modifications, as needed, based on experience and particular incident requirements.
These forms are designed to include the essential data elements for the ICS process they address. The use of these standardized ICS Forms is encouraged to promote consistency in the management and documentation of incidents in the spirit of NIMS, and to facilitate effective use of mutual aid. In many cases, additional pages can be added to the existing ICS Forms when needed, and several forms are set up with this specific provision. The section after the ICS Forms List provides details on adding appendixes or fields to the forms for jurisdiction- or discipline-specific needs.
It may be appropriate to compile and maintain other NIMS-related forms with these ICS Forms, such as resource management and/or ordering forms that are used to support incidents. Examples of these include the following Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) forms: REQ-A (Interstate Mutual Aid Request), Reimbursement Form R-1 (Interstate Reimbursement Form), and Reimbursement Form R-2 (Intrastate Reimbursement Form)
In the following table, the ICS Forms identified with an asterisk (*) are typically included in an IAP.
Forms identified with two asterisks (**) are additional forms that could be used in the IAP.
The other ICS Forms are used in the ICS process for incident management activities, but are not typically included in the IAP.
The date and time entered in the form blocks should be determined by the Incident Command or Unified Command. Local time is typically used.

ICS (Incident Command System) Forms

Updated November 2006

ICS Forms in pdf format - zipped file

ICS Forms in doc format - zipped file

Individual ICS forms:

Form Name

pdf Format

doc Format

ICS201 - Incident Briefing form:    
Page 1 - Incident Briefing / Map Sketch pdf doc
Page 2 - Summary of Current Actions pdf doc
Page 3 - Current Organization pdf doc
Page 4 - Resources Summary pdf doc
ICS202 - Incident Objectives List pdf doc
ICS203 - Organization Assignment List pdf doc
ICS204 - Division Assignment List pdf doc
ICS205 - Incident Radio Communications Plan pdf doc
ICS206 - Medical Plan pdf doc
ICS207 - Organizational Chart (requires legal size paper) pdf doc
ICS209 - Incident Status Summary Report pdf doc
ICS210 - Status Change Card pdf doc
ICS211 - Incident Check-In Lists pdf doc
ICS213 - General Message form pdf doc
ICS214 - Unit Log Form pdf doc
ICS215 - Operational Planning Worksheet pdf doc
ICS216 - Radio Requirements Worksheet pdf doc
ICS217 - Radio Fequency Assignment Worksheet pdf doc
ICS218 - Support Vehicle Inventory form pdf doc
ICS219 - Resource Status Card    
ICS219-2 - Crew (green) pdf doc
ICS219-4 - Helicopter (blue) pdf doc
ICS219-6 - Aircraft (orange) pdf doc
ICS219-7 - Dozer (yellow) pdf doc
ICS220 - Air Operations Summary pdf doc
ICS221 - Demobilization Checkout and Instructions pdf doc
ICS224 - Crew Performance Rating form pdf doc
ICS225 - Incident Personnel Performance Rating form pdf doc
ICS226 - Individual Personnel Rating form pdf doc
ICS260-1 - Resource Order (front only) pdf doc
ICS260-2 - Resource Order, Continuation (front only) pdf doc


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